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Bible Reading Plans

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The Robert Murray M'Cheyne Bible Reading Plan: The Robert Murray M'Cheyne Bible Reading Calendar takes you through 4 readings each day, 2 in each Testament.

Bible Reading Monthly Bookmark Plan: This plan puts each month on a bookmark, with a different passage of Scripture read each day, repeating weekly.

Tabletalk Bible Reading Plan: This plan breaks up readings into each weekday, but then has just one section for the weekend, giving you some flexibility if you need.

The Read At Your Own Pace Plan: Want a color-coded Bible Reading Plan? Here’s the Read at Your Own Pace plan. No dates, no sections to get through, just check off each chapter as you read it. This is a great plan if you don’t like to be tied down to a specific track through the Scriptures.

The 52 Week Bible Reading Plan: In this plan you read a different genre of Scripture (Poetry, Wisdom Literature, Gospel, Epistle) each day of the week. This is a good plan if you like to read something different each day and while still working systematically through the Bible.

The ESV 4 Sections Plan: Similar to the Discipleship Journal Plan, the ESV plan also takes you through 4 sections of Scripture each day.

The Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan: The Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan takes you through four different passages of Scripture each day. This is a good plan if you like to go through different portions of Scripture instead of going straight through the Bible from start to finish.

The Historical Reading Plan: The Historical Reading Plan takes you through the Old Testament in the same way as Israel's Hebrew Bible, and takes you through the New Testament in the order the books were written. And since it's divided into 365 readings you can start at anytime. Start today!

The Bible Reading Calendar - 2021: If you need an actual calendar for your Bible reading, this is the plan for you! Check off each day as you make it through the year and you'll see progress as you systematically work through the Scriptures.

The Bible Reading Checklist: Here's a reading plan that's just a checklist. No dates or schedule to keep, just the books and chapters of the Bible that you cross off as you go.

The Chronological Reading Plan: The Chronological Bible Reading Plan does just what it says - it starts with the earliest events recorded in Genesis and moves forward in your daily reading as they occurred in real time.

The Every Day for a Year Reading Plan: Here's the Every Day for a Year Reading Plan. It consists of one reading, usually a few chapters, each day, every day. Stick with it and you’ll get through the Bible in a year!