Living Hope Prayer Ministry

Let us be a people who resemble Acts 1:14: All in one accord were continually devoting themselves to prayer.   

My prayer is that Living Hope will be a PRAYING church.  

Please pray for repentance and REVIVAL in our individual lives, our church, our community, and our nation.  

Please pray for Paula Lutrell who sees the gastrologist on Septembner 21st for the pain in her colon.  

Please pray for Denise Koenig who will have surgery, around September 22nd, to have a plate and screws replaced in her lower ankle/leg... as they have not held.  The surgery will take 7 hours.  

Answered Prayer:  Denise did well in surgery yesterday and should be home recovering, please continue to pray that she will have a quick and speedy recovery that the Lord would strengthen her leg and that she would be able to be walking soon with full mobility!!! Thanks everyone!!!

Please pray for Christie Koenig's mom Janet who is suffering from loneliness since the passing of her husband Frank.  

Please pray for Jody who has been suffering from severe headaches/ migraines for 4-5 days a week, the family and doctors think they may have a solution, please pray for the Lord to ease the pain or just take it away completely.

Please pray for Gary Losey in his ongoing struggle with cancer.  Please pray for the softening of the heart of the mayor of Rwanda (may be a muslim) to allow zoning change so the Chistians can build a church.  

Please pray for the expansion of our prayer ministry at church, a passion for prayer.  

Pls pray for Betty Perrine's health.  

Mary would like prayer to secure work- she applied through the State.  

Mary, Carol Friemoth's sister has psoriasis and is having trouble sleeping.  Please pray for a remedy that is helpful.  

Please pray for Wisdom for President Trump, for Vice President Pence and the leaders of our nation.  

Please pray for an overwhelming victory in the 2020 elections and pray against election fraud.  

For Pastor Art, Pastor Rusty, and the leaders for our church, for wisdom n iall areas regarding our church, discernment, and courage to contiue to prevail in speaking the truth.  

Please pray for an end to the indoctrination our children in the schools and the universities.  

Please pray for our servicemen and especially Sean Sutton, Chris Roper, Jake dawson, Dan Wilton, Jason Rassi, Dustin George and their families.  

Pray for our Living Hope Youth to stand strong in their faith.  Please include recent college students, (Chesney Koenig, Katie Georges, Addie Parr, Abbey Pepper, Nathan Thorton, Logan Jackson, Tanner McClintock, Lauren, Rochelle Toiniytoiniy, Micheal Dillon, Emily Roberts.). 

Pregnancies and families with new babies in our church.  

Pray for our missionaries. (espescially the South Side Mission this week.). 

Strengthening of marrieges within the church; Christ-centered homes.

Wisdom, patience, consistency for parents in our church in raising their children, teaching repentance, and living out the Christian Life in front of the children.  


Ryder Verardo has swallowed a quarter.  The doctors, now, want him to see a pediatric surgeon about this situation.  Jessica has to make an appointment and has no idea how long before they see the specialist!!!  Meanwhile, Ryder has the quarter in his stomach and thankfully, not moving!   Please, keep Ryder in your hearts and prayers for the quarter NOT to move and the surgery to be done soon and no problems!


Paula Lutrell has been scheduled for a colonoscopy on October 5th.  They do not think her pain is anything serious, but would like to check.  They told her to stop taking ibuprofen for it may be causing her more problems!  Please, keep Paula in your hearts and prayers for the tests to prove there is nothing in her colon to cause her pain, yet answer questions on what is causing her pain.  May God watch over her and keep the pain away while she cannot take any meds for it! 

Pls pray for four men at the Peoria Rescue Ministry who have contracted coronavirus. 

Jane Lindsey (from church) had knee replacement surgery yesterday.  Pls pray for healing.

Cricket (Chris) Hess (from church) will be having hip replacement surgery on 10/26.  Pls pray for wisdom and skill for doctors and healing.

Pls pray for Betty Perrine's health;  wisdom regarding seeking a possible procedure to alleviate the pain in her knees.

Pls pray for a strong godly replacement for the Supreme Court seat.

Pls pray for our nation - truth to prevail, justice to be served, and an end to civil unrest.

Please pray for Chicagoland Universities for Prayer, their first big gathering will be online this Friday night!!!  (not only for this meeting, but also that their would be prayer networks established at each one of the universitiies in the Chicagoland Region.). "A kingdom divided against itself will never stand."  

Please pray for CUIP as they are doing 10 days of prayer for justice and peace throughout the city.  

Let us constantly and consistently bombard the heavenlies with these prayer requests!!! Feel free to reach out to me with any additional prayer requests.   

Here is the link to the Head of my Spiritual Formation and Discipleship's webpage at Moody Theological Seminary's  personal webpage:   It has been a great blessing to my prayer life, I pray it is to yours as well, I would highly reccomend it!!! 











Trent Parrish
Phone: 309-645-2644
Role: Prayer Warrior