Art Georges - Senior Pastor

Art Georges

Summary: Art joined the staff of Bethany Baptist Church in June of 2002, after completing his Master of Divinity degree from The Master’s Seminary.  In April of 2003, Art led a group of families and individuals who were commissioned by Bethany Baptist Church to plant a new work called Living Hope Community Church in Bartonville, IL.  Art received his Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from the University of Illinois in 1986, working as an Actuary for a number of years prior to entering the pastoral ministries.

More recently (May, 2018), Art completed his Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Theology from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.

Art and his wife Maribeth (also a UofI grad.) are blessed with five children, named Dane, Griffin, Katie Mil, Wilson, and Judith.  Art’s favorite hobby is trying to read while hanging out with his family.  He also enjoys running and reminiscing about the days when he was thinner and faster.


Book (other than the Bible): The Gospel According to Jesus by John MacArthur, but I sure like Calvin & Hobbes also.

Movie: Doctor Zhivago – a love story intertwined with the Bolshevik Revolution of Russia (close second would be Family Man).

Food: My wife’s chicken tortilla casserole.

Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip (with little chips, not big one’s).  But then there is coffee ice cream too!

Sport: Track & Field (I’m the only guy in the room who wants to watch every step of the distance races because there actually is drama and strategy in all 10,000 of the meters!)

Song: Thief by Third Day

Junk Food: Yes, please – of the sweet variety.

Childhood Memory: My first little league time at bat when I swung the bat after the ball was in the catcher’s glove and the umpire had called strike – good eye, bad timing.